Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Blessing of Friends

Last week we were so blessed to have Betty and Ava and CC come visit us for a week!  It was so fun to have them here—the week went by way too fast!  They had the unique privilege of experiencing some “scary, crazy and fun” Mexican experiences, like Lydia’s scorpion bite in the middle of the night, a Mexican circus, DSC_0118DSC_0135Zumba, a crazy outbreak of head lice (one thing I hope we never have again!!), DSC_0162DSC_0157DSC_0165a school strike which shuts down the highway to Acapulco, Mexican hospitality in the middle of nowhere while Ben changes a flat tire, DSC_0183DSC_0184   and one of the best ever taxi drivers!  The young girls enjoyed their time slumbering together at night, playing with babies and dress-up DSC_0153DSC_0171              stuff, dancing, and just being together. DSC_0177 DSC_0221It really was such a sweet time for them and really a blessing to Lydia especially, to have her dear friend here for a week. DSC_0197DSC_0205 I enjoyed girl time, too!  DSC_0109     It was so refreshing to have women to really talk with, face-to-face.  I was reminded over and over how much I miss my dear friends, but I am so thankful for our sweet time together last week—getting coffee, walking to the market, playing games and relaxing in the evenings, cooking, laughing after Zumba, picking bugs out of each others’ hair, and sharing our hearts.  Thanks, Betty and CC, for such a great week!  I love you girls, and miss you so much!

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Shak Family said...

Yeah! What a wonderful time. Hope that you all felt refreshed after a great time with friends!