Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday Afternoons

Every Wednesday and Friday Ben trains the youth team out at a field in a neighborhood called the Pulvarin.  This is probably one of, if not the, lowest income neighborhoods in Ometepec.  The people there live in homes made out of plywood or even cardboard, with either tarps or tin roofs on top.  These one-room shanties are probably the same size as our smallest room back in Charlotte.  DSC_0037

From our first visit to Ometepec over a year ago, my heart was drawn to this neighborhood and these people.  So, for the past month the kids and I have been going with Ben on Wednesday afternoons just to play with kids there.  We have spent most of our time playing games, like Duck-Duck-Goose (Pato-Pato-Gonzo) and freeze tag (Platano Banano) and futbol.  We usually have a handful of kids, anywhere from 6-15, come out to play.  Today we brought some cookies to celebrate a couple birthdays in the month of March and also brought stuff to make bracelets or necklaces.  It was a fun afternoon!


Gali and Cristal, Jonathan and Andres—these are all brothers and sisters that we have spent a lot of our time with there.  Sweet kids!


Again, I am humbled by how blessed I am and yet how ungrateful and discontent my heart can be.  I am praying  that God not only uses us to love on these sweet kids, but that He also changes me and my family in the process.         


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