Thursday, October 18, 2012

From Mexico to Colorado: 2200 miles together!

So, after a week of packing and saying good-bye (on of the hardest things I've had to do!), we drove away from Ometepec, Mexico and began the journey to Colorado.  With the trailer fully packed and the car loaded with snacks and car games, we started a new adventure as a family.  With many tears we drovee away from friends and places we grew to love, but our hearts are also excited about the new adventure to come.  We drove a total of 2200 miles, and saw some incredible places along the way.  It was such a joy and privilege to enjoy God's creation and His beauty!  At times the views were absolutely breathtaking!  Unfortunately we couldn't capture the views as we drove along, but they will forever be imprinted in my mind!  Here are some snapshots of our family adventure through Mexico!
First stop:  Cuernavaca! 

The architecture and history in Cuernavaca is incredible.  The city was beautiful!

We passed this museum, and Brady said, "Hey, that's my name!"

On the road San Luis Potosi.  This is the most developed city we had been in in Mexico!  As we were driving into town to our hotel (a Holiday Inn Express!), we couldn't believe what we saw...
In memory of losing his two front teeth eating corn on the cob in Ometepec, Brady is enjoying this sweet corn from Chili's!
 The next day we went to a park in San Luis Potosi.  This park was huge, and had walking trails through the trees, mulitple playgrounds, a museum, and much more.  It was a beautiful, fall day and refreshing to spend the day out of the car!

At the city center, or zocolo, there we all these spin bikes outside!  How fun it would have been to take a spin class in Mexico!  Not sure if they really have classes here, but they had enough bikes for sure!
"Punch Buggy Red"
And the "punch buggy" game was part of the whole trip!  Gradually Chayce even caught on, and gave everyone a run for their money!  We added in jeeps, playgrounds, and school buses too!  Thank you, Tait and Bryce, for introducing our kids to this great game!!!!

On the road again...ready with our Taki's and Fanta!  Last OXXO before we cross the border!
Just a little bit warm in northern Mexico!!  (But now missing these warmer temperatures!!)

At the border!!!  Mixed emotions at this point!  Excited and relieved to be heading into the States, but sad to leave a country we grew to love!

The Riverwalk:  WOW, what a beautiful place!  I could have spent the whole day (or week) enjoying the San Antonio Riverwalk, especially because we passed a dozen restaurants that smelled heavenly!

DALLAS, TEXAS! And the Cowboys Stadium!  This place is a monstrosity!  So, Ben has wanted to see this stadium since it was built, and since we went through Dallas, we couldn't not go there!

GREAT WOLF LODGE here we come!  Wow, what a place!  We spent a day at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas, enjoying the incredible indoor water park!  It was such a fun family day before plugging away at the final 17 hours to Colorado!