Thursday, February 10, 2011

All the things we love about Daddy!

I asked the kids each of these questions separately, and here are their answers (obviously Chayce had a little input from mom!!)

1.  I love...
      Hailey:  playing in the playroom with Daddy.
      Lydia:  bumping on the hammock with Daddy.
      Brady:  playing cars with Daddy.
      Chacye:  laying on the hammock with Daddy.

2.  The funniest thing Daddy does is...
      Hailey:  tickles me.
      Lydia:  tickles me.
      Brady:  tickles me.
      Chayce:  dances really silly to music.

3.   Daddy is the BEST at...
      Hailey:  working hard
      Lydia:  playing football and soccer.
      Brady:  playing cars and all different things.
      Chayce:  making me smile and laugh.

4.  Daddy makes me laugh when he...
     Hailey:  wrestles with us.
     Lydia:  tickles me and plays the game Jenga with me.
     Brady:  makes funny faces at me.
     Chayce:  plays peek-a-boo with me.

5.  Daddy loves when I...
     Hailey:  play with him and go on dates with him.
     Lydia:  scratch his back.
     Brady:  play cars with him.
     Chacye:  run to him with a big smile.

6.  My favorite thing about Daddy is...
     Hailey:  he's a good daddy.
     Lydia:  he's goofy and he tries to get us.
     Brady:  he's a good soccer player.
     Chayce:  he loves being silly with us.

7.  One day, I really want to...
     Hailey:  play soccer with Daddy as my coach.
     Lydia:  have Daddy walk me to school.
     Brady:  play football with Daddy and Chayce.
     Chayce:  play soccer on Daddy's team.

8.  I know Daddy loves me because he...
     Hailey:  gives me lots of hugs and kisses.
     Lydia:  gives me hugs and kisses.
     Brady:  tickles me.
     Chayce:  sings songs to me when I'm sad.

9.  One thing Daddy always tells me is...
     Hailey:  "I love you."
     Lydia:  that I'm goofy and everyone is goofy.
     Brady:  that I'm goofy.
     Chayce:  "I love you"

10.  Daddy is the BEST DADDY because he...
      Hailey:  listens to us and obeys his authority (God).
      Lydia:  takes me on dates.
      Brady:  laughs a lot.
      Chayce:  plays with us and loves mommy!

We think you're the best, Daddy!  Thanks for all the ways you care for us, love us, play with us, and teach us!  And thank you for loving mommy so well, too!  We love you so much!!  Happy Birthday!

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