Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Impressions

Pigs on the side of the road...Roosters crowing at 2 am...dogs everywhere...

Don't leave food sitting around...the flies will get to it very soon!

There is VBS at the church this week. The girls have gone and been a part of it in little ways. They are still very timid and shy, but they enjoy the music and the songs.

There has been a small group of Sports Outreach Interns here this week from Charlotte. They came one afternoon and cleaned out our yard and took trash to the dump and planted some plants and trees. It was so helpful! The yard looks so much better! And we discovered that we will never play around the banana plants! Betty and Cat found a nest full of mice and a scorpion!!! Yes, they screamed, and yes that freaks me out!!

Below is our play room!

So, our first night here in Ometepec back in January we were fixing a broken toilet that was overflowing! And our first night here at our new home, we were dealing with a broken toilet! I guess we have bad luck with toilets here in Ometepec! And cleaning up water on the floor is not as easy as back home--it's way more old-fashioned!! As Ben would say, "Isn't it Great!"

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