Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Good-Byes have begun!!


This morning I kept looking around for our two furry friends to come clean up the kitchen floor after Chayce, who managed to get most of his eggs and cheerios on the ground and not in his mouth.  Then I realized the truth—our dogs are gone!  We left them with the Kimbells yesterday in Louisville, KY!  The first of many hard good-byes!!  And it was hard!!!

On Thursday we drove up to Louisville, Kentucky where my sister and her family lives.  The purpose of the trip—to take our sweet dogs, Aspen and Fenway to their new home!!  The Kimbells are going to adopt our dogs for the next two years while we are in Mexico.  We are so thankful that they will be in a good home, and we know they will be well cared for and loved!  But we will miss them!!!  Yesterday as we said good-bye to them, the tears came in buckets! It was so hard—and especially for Ben and Hailey!  Fenway has been Ben’s faithful companion for almost 9 years! And I’ve had sweet Aspen for 8 years!  They have been such good dogs!!  We will miss them—but we will see them again. 

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