Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things we will miss!

  1. Starbucks—but not just the frappacinos, the relationshipsthat are built at Starbucks through Coffee Dates! (I’m sitting in one right now, that’s why it’s top of the list!!!)
  2. Target!  Yesterday the girls and I just walked around Target for about an hour while Chayce slept before a doctor appointment.  I love that store! (About to head there now, which is why it is 2nd on the list!!)
  3. Our Dogs!!  Next weekend we take Aspen and Fenway to the Kimbells!  I know they will be in great hands, but we will miss them!
  4. Running whenever and wherever I want!! 
  5. Central Air-conditioning!!
  6. Our Church family! 
  7. Tuesday Night Bible Study!
  8. Tuesday morning Bible Study! 
  9. My Wednesday morning prayer group!!  Love you ladies so much and I am so thankful for our time together these past 2 years!!
  10. Understanding what people are actually saying!

The list will continue—this is just the beginning!! 

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