Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lydia and Bradyn!

Lydia turned 2 on Saturday, and Brady will turn 1 on Wednesday, the 19th. When we ask Lydia how old she is, she still says, "Free!" That is how Hailey says "Three" so we had to keep telling her she was "two"! She just holds up a bunch of fingers and says "Two"! She also had fun singing "Happy Birthday" along with everyone! But the best memory from her birthday was the fact that she said "Thank You" on her own every time someone said "happy birthday!" Dylan and Hailey probably said it 10 times, and she said "thank you" after each one! I'm so thankful for her sweet heart!!
We had a fun birthday party for both of them on Saturday afternoon. I was reminded of how thankful I am for my children. God has given us such blessings in both Lydia and Bradyn. I can't believe another year has gone by! Bradyn's first year feels like a blur, and Lydia suddenly seems so old! I was also so thankful for all of our good friends. We had a houseful of kids and adults who have loved Lydia and Bradyn and been such a big part of our lives. Thank you to all of you who have invested in our children and loved them so well! We thank the Lord for you!

When it came time for cake, Lydia asked for a fork!! What a lady! And Bradyn, well he enjoyed the cake, but didn't really just "dive in"! And he wanted to share it with others--especially when he was all done!

Here are some fun pictures from the birthday celebration!

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