Monday, November 17, 2008

What a weekend!!!

Wow!! This weekend we had 5 kids betwwen the ages of 3 1/2 years and 12 months! We had the privilege of keeping Avary and Dylan Swinehart this weekend, and it was a wild time! It was fun and exhausting all at the same time! It was a rainy day on Friday, so we stayed home and played together. Lydia became a little teritorial with Ava--for some reason she felt the need to defend her space and her "stuff"! But she was also so sweet to Ava. She would go up to her and very lightly tickle her tummy, while saying "Tickle tickle!!" It wasn't really tickling Ava, but she didnt' seem to mind either!

Hailey and Dylan enjoyed jumping off the couch, throwing balls at each other, and playing games together. But the best story of the weekend came on Saturday morning! Let me preface it by saying, "Never leave two 3 yr olds alone with cakes in the house!!" So, Saturday morning--after Faith had helped me decorate 2 Curious George cakes for the big birthday party on Saturday--Hailey and Dylan were playing downstairs waiting for breakfast. I made the mistake of going back upstairs for a moment. About 5 minutes later, Ben asked what the two big kids were doing--it seemed way too quiet! He went downstairs only to find Hailey running off and Dylan on the table looking very guilty. Of course, when asked what they were doing, they said, "Nothing!" However, "nothing" involved frosting all over the mouth and fingers--for both Hailey and Dylan! They had found one of the cakes and managed to enjoy much of the frosting! Thank goodness I still had the other cake!!

Bradyn was a champ all weekend! He is so chill and was so easy going! We went to Monkey Joe's on Saturday morning--an indoor play area with inflatable slides! Bradyn was content to play in one little area the whole time! He was loving it! The others enjoyed getting some exercising, running and jumping around! It was a fun morning out! Below is a slide show from the weekend!

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