Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Life is busy here these days! But lots of fun as well!

Here are some updates and snapshots of our kids--life in the day of a Johnson!

Hailey is into dress up clothes more and more, and she still loves bags! There is always something else to put in a bag--and never quite enough bags! This week we also started potty training again after taking a break from it! She is doing great, and seems to really love the idea of being a "Big Girl" like Anna and Rachie (her cousins!)

Hailey amazes us with her vocabulary and memory! She talks all day long, and puts things together that really surprise us! She is a sponge!

Lydia!!! Lydia is full of life! Her most recent accomplishment is that she is walking! She started walking over Christmas in Colorado, and now she's really mastering the skill! She loves to spin circles in the play room until she falls over dizzy! She is our crazy, mischeivious little girl, who makes us laugh a lot! Yes, her hair here is totally natural! It's wild and crazy, just like her personality! I really love her cuddles, though, too! She's started to love giving "eskimo kisses" and hugs! It's so sweet!
Bradyn is growing up so fast! He continues to look more and more like his daddy! He has started stretching out his nights some, which is great for all of us! Thankfully, the Lord has kept him healthy in spite of two months of sickness around our home! I can't believe he is almost 10 weeks old--where does the time go!

Sisters!! Hailey and Lydia have started playing more together--and they both love their babies! Lydia loves to mimmick whatever Hailey does these days!
Lydia adores her brother--always giving him kisses!

Please pray for us, as we have had a hard winter of sickness! It seems we just can't shake it around here, and it's starting to wear us all out! Pray for healing!
We love you all! Thanks for taking time to visit our blog and see our kids in action!

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