Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Playset Project and more...

Thanks to so many of you--family and friends--we were able to purchase a playset for the kids! Ben was in heaven--getting to use all his tools and toys to build something for his kids!! It was a project, but a fun one!! Here are some snapshots!

Daddy's little helper!!

Who gave Lydia a hammer?!!

The finished work!

Happy Valentine's Day!! Daddy sure loves his girls!!!

Playing outside!! Hailey can now ride the bike all by herself!! She is so proud of that fact!

Playing in the dirt!

Hold on, Lydia!!

All three kiddos!

Bradyn is getting so big, and full of smiles and laughs!

Hope you enjoyed these fun pictures! Life is full of excitement around the Johnson household. We are so thankful for God's many good gifts to us!

Here are some of our recent praises:

** God's blessing in giving us a playset for the kids!
** Good friends in the Swineharts who kept our girls for 24 hours so Ben and I could enjoy some time together!
** A great church--we are so thankful for the Body of Christ and so thankful for how God is moving at Christ Covenant!
** Three beautiful children who make us laugh so much, but who God is also using to grow us and sanctify us!!
** An incredible husband in Ben--he truly is God's gift to me and he is such a great Daddy!
** The Gospel!!! I'm challenged each day to live in light of the Gospel!! I need God's grace, and I'm so thankful He extends it so freely to me--even when I fail!

We love you all!!

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sarah said...

Love the new pictures. They are all getting so big. Miss you !!!