Saturday, August 4, 2012

"XV Años"

For the past week, the girls have been planning a big fiesta with Juliana, but did not tell us the reason for this celebration.  They made invitations and all and told us we needed to be at the Woods' house at 6:30 Friday night.  They were so excited all week for Friday to come!  Hailey, Lydia and Brady spent all day Friday up at the house setting up and getting themselves ready, with Juliana and her sisters--Paty, Amada and Juanita.  We arrived at 7:00 and the yard was beautifully decorated and music was playing.  We were told we were celebrating Hailey's and Lydia's "XV años"!  Here in Mexico they have a huge celebration for girls when they turn 15 years old, and apparently Hailey and Lydia told Juliana they really wanted to be here to celebrate their 15th birthdays!!!  So, what did our precious friends do???  They set up this whole, beautiful event as a "Quinceanera" for the girls!  It was a very special evening, and we all felt so loved and touched by this incredible family!  It was a fun evening!  Our video camera died on us, so hopefully you can get a small taste through these pictures!

Hailey with Francisco


Brady and Francisco, the DJs!

From Left to Right:  Juanita, Francisco, Juliana, Amada, Paty

The girls dancing!  There are several dances that are tradition at these parties, including the Waltz!  The girls danced beautifully!

The gift of "new shoes", another custom!

And the gift of a "Ring"

And of course the Fireworks!

Lydia with Juliana's mother!

And don't forget the cake!!

THANK YOU so much, Juliana, Amada, Juanita, Paty and Francisco for such an incredible gift to our girls and for making it such a fun evening!  We love you and will miss you dearly!!

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