Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Funny sayings from the kids!

I'm really bad at remembering to write down things the kids have said that make us laugh.  But here are a few that Brady and Chayce have said lately that have made us laugh:

Brady:  "Let's play hide the avocado!"  (instead of hide the bottle!!  Only in Mexico!)
Chayce:  "It's mine!"  (To everything that is the color orange--including all backhoes!)
Chayce:  "I'm three!"  No matter how much we try to tell him he's two, he's determined that he is three!
Chayce:  "No me want a birthday.  No me want water."  Chayce is petrified of his birthday because he associates birthdays with water (a tradition here to pour water on the person whose birthday it is) and mordidas (the birthday person takes the first bite of cake and usually gets their face pushed into the frosting)!  So, Chayce wants nothing to do with birthdays!

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