Monday, January 30, 2012

Vacation 2012

Last year we enjoyed a wonderful family vacation in Acapulco as our "Christmas gift" and so we decided to repeat that again this year!  Thanks to family who generously gave towards this time, we spent 5 days in Acapulco at the beginning of January.  The week was so relaxing and refreshing.  After having come off a few busy weeks and a lot of sickness, the Lord blessed us with sweet time together!  We played and on the beach, swam in the pool, enjoyed a fun water park, played family games at Starbucks, ate McDonalds, Domino's Pizza and Sushi (my favorite, YUM!!!), watched some movies, rode four-wheelers, and took in an amazing sunset!  It was a good time to just give thanks to the Lord for what He has and is doing in us and through us.  So, here are some memories from our time!

Team Johnson Sand Castle!
 Day at the Water Park!  
We spent the whole day there and had a blast!  Lydia won "The Most Fearless" award!  Hailey and Brady loved swimming around the lazy river, and Chayce was content riding slides with Daddy and just throwing the inner tubes in the water!  

 Four-Wheelin' It!
Boys vs. Girls, and I believe the Girls Won!!! (although my husband may argue that one!)

 Games and Starbucks--what a life!

 Paddle Boat ride with Dad--one lap was ENOUGH!

 The Girls!!  
(Camera ran out of battery before I could take one of the boys!)
Thank you, Lord for our wonderful family!  You have blessed us greatly, and we are so thankful for the memories we made during these days in Acapulco!  

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