Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Going to School

So, about a week ago we found out that Lydia and Brady could go to the "kinder" just two days a week, and not need to go the full week.  They are basically "auditing" the class.  So, we decided this would be a great opportunity for them to meet some kids their age, to learn the language a bit more, and to have some fun at school.  They were SO excited!!  Yesterday marked their first day!  They will go every Tuesday and Wednesday, from 9-12.  Here they are in their uniforms, full of excitement and ready to go!

I am still homeschooling Hailey and will continue to do some stuff with Lydia when she is home.  It has been a blessing to watch Hailey respond with such excitement for her brother and sister, as well as excited about time alone learning with me!  It's amazing how fast our kids are growing up!  We praise the Lord for them!

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