Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun Quotes to Remember

“Nana”  Juliana, “Bady” Brady, “A E” Hailey, “Ydia” Lydia, “Oul” Saul, “Ma” Fatima (These are the special people in his life right now, and he LOVES saying their names!!)
“Cheeekko”  Chico, “Ardo” Gerrardo (he is always looking for these two guys!)
“Taint u”  Thank you, “Gacias”  Gracias
“Bamo” Let’s Go! (Vamanos!)   “Agua” Water               
“Bayo” Horse (Caballo) or cow or donkey or any such animal!

Me:  “Cuantos anos tienes, Chayce?”                        
Chayce:  “Two”                                                                
Me:  “Dos?”          
Chayce:  “No, Two!”

“Let’s play soccer running!”  aka a soccer game!
“Dad, can you make me a pitcher’s mound too?” (after Ben put tape on the patio for the bases. The boy LOVES baseball!)

“Yo necesito make my bed.”  A little Spanglish!
“(Big sigh)…I just want to go to Charlotte TODAY!” while picking out games to play on a family night!
“Do I look pretty?”  (Nearly everyday after she gets dressed, does her own hair and puts on lotion and lip gloss! She’s my girly girl and I love her!!)

“That Veggie Tales movie was very good, Mom, because it taught a lot about Jesus.  Bob was saying things about Jesus from the Bible.  That means it’s a very good movie, right?”

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