Thursday, February 24, 2011

"I can see my son!"

So today we had lunch with a group of eye doctors that are here with World Cataract Foundation.  They come to Ometepec twice a year to do various eye surgeries.  This week they will see over 250 people!  On Monday morning they screened over 1000 people, and then gave 250 people a number to return later in the week.  Today we heard a story that was incredible!  One of the doctors, who is from Durham, NC, performed cataract surgery on a 29-year old woman yesterday.  This woman has three young kids, and is blind in both eyes because of cataracts.  She has never seen her youngest son.  And recently her husband left her.  Today, for the first time ever, after cataract surgery in both her eyes, she was able to see her son!  "She is a very solemn woman, emotionally hard from all life has thrown her way.  But today she smiled," commented the eye doctor.  Praise the Lord for His work here this week through the skillful hands and gentle spirits of these doctors!

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