Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lydia & Bradyn

Happy 3rd Birthday, Brady and Happy 4th Birthday, Lydia!  You two are such a pair, and so so sweet!  This past year it has been so fun to watch you start to enjoy playing together so well!  You two have become such sweet friends!  

 Lydia, you have such a sweet spirit.  You truly are a peacemaker, and very generous.  You are a nurturer and I love watching you care for your babies so well!  You have a very tender heart.  Many times you notice when I am sad and come ask me, Mommy, why are you so sad?"  And then you give me big hugs!  Thank you!

And you also give the best "good-morning" hugs and kisses.  One day I asked you if I got a good-morning hug and you said, "No, but you should have!" And you ran up to me and gave me such a sweet hug!  That always starts my mornings off good!  You have done a great job here in Mexico!  So many people love to touch you and hold you, and you have grown so much in letting them love on you.  You are so quick to say "Hola" to people and smile at them.  Jesus has made you beautiful, Lydia!  I am so thankful for you, sweet girl!

Brady, you are ALL BOY!!!  I love that every day you ask me to play soccer or football or basketball!  You love any and every sport, just like your daddy!  I love watching you play with your brother.  You are so sweet with him, and Chayce adores you!  You make us laugh daily--with your funny comments and funny faces!

You are full of life and joy, Brady, and I love that about you!  I love watching you play with the guys at the Huerto, and I love hearing you speak Spanglish with them.  They love playing with you!  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LYDIA & BRADY!!  We love you so much and are so proud to be your parents!  We thank God everyday for you and how He has made you both!  

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Shak Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lydia and Brady! Looks like you are having such a fun time and adjusting well! Please say hello to your kids from ours. Jaeda often asked about how Hailey is doing.