Thursday, September 23, 2010

Highlights or Totally Blond???

Well, today I went out on a limb and the girls and I went to get haircuts.  A lady from our church, Carmen, who we have gotten to know, does hair!  So, we went and saw Carmen.  Prior to going, I looked up all the words I thought I would need to know to describe what I wanted done.  I had been in her store last week to visit and saw her doing highlights in someone's hair--so I thought I would give it a try, given that my highlights are really starting to grow out!  Well, I had my list of words, and did my best to describe what I wanted, and... well let's just say I'm really blond now!  The highlights didn't blend in AT ALL, so she decided it would be best to just lighten all of my hair!  I had no idea what to say or what was happening in that place--but now I am blond!!!  And I realized just how much Spanish I still need to learn!  Do I like it?  Well, it is kind of fun and different--and it could be much worse!!  But the great news...Hailey and Lydia got their hair cut, I got a full new color and a haircut and the girls had their nails painted--all for $12!!!  You can't beat the price for sure!

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