Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Beach

Last weekend we had the chance to go with the Woods family, Stephanie, Juliana and her sister Juanita to a beach in Marquelia—about 1 hour away.  The drive alone was so beautiful and a good reminder of God’s creative beauty!  We realized how important it will be to get out of the city and just enjoy the beauty around us once in a while—it is so refreshing!  The beach we gorgeous as well—although the water was a bit murky from all the rain!  The waves are unbelievably big and strong, so it is not much of a beach for swimming in—especially for the kids.  But they enjoyed the sand and there were some rocks which created a few little tidal pools for them to play in. 


Our sweet friends, Juliana and Juanita!!  They love our kids and our kids love them!  They laughed so much together on the beach!!


Catching fish with Miss Barb!! 


The braver of the bunch—braving the waves!   DSC_0050DSC_0053

Daddy and his boys!!


After playing for a while, we sat at these tables and ordered some picaditas—much like little pizzas here, but made with corn tortillas and a spicier sauce. They were yummy!


DSC_0038 DSC_0049  DSC_0055    DSC_0060

Just a few friendly crabs!!


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