Saturday, August 28, 2010

Brady Stories

So tonight we were praying and we asked the kids if they had things they wanted to pray for. So, Brady started and he prayed, "Thank you God that we miss Chuck-E-Cheese and Thank you God that we can miss Chick-fil-A and Thank you God that we can miss... (what is it called, mommy?)...oh yea Chuncky Joes!!!" We all died laughing--he meant Monkey Joes, but couldn't keep them all straight. I love that he said, "Thank you God that we can miss...." We had just sung the song "Blessed be the Name" and we were talking about how we can still praise God and say thank you even when things are hard and we miss things!! Brady often makes us laugh, but he truly loves to pray and thank God for things. He has a sweet spirit!!

Another fun Brady story from he was about to get on the potty and he saw a mosquito in the toilet. He climbed on, but was very preoccupied with the "bug". He kept telling me there was a bug in the potty. So he begin peeing, and decided to aim his pee at the mosquito. All of a sudden I heard him say, "Mommy, I peed on the bug and it is all gone now!" Gotta love that kid!!! He makes us laugh!

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