Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Myrtle Beach Fun

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What a great time at One Ocean Place in Garden City!  We had so much fun being together for two weeks!  The cousins played so well together.  It was fun to see Brady with Ryan and Trevor.  By the end of the vacation he was calling them his “boys”.  He told me, “I’m gonna miss my boys momma!”  So sweet!!  The kids loved the water.  Hailey really learned how to ride the waves on the boogie board—she wanted to be in the water so much! Lydia grew bolder in the waves too, but probably preferred making some type of pie or cookie with the sand on the beach.  Bradyn loved running and jumping in the waves.  He would fall down and “swim” in the waves—just barely keeping his head above the water.  It was so fun!  Chayce took a while to like the beach, but by the end he was crawling into the water and splashing.  He only ate a few handfuls of sand, I think!

We did the usual, traditional things—Barefoot Landing, River City Cafe for great burgers, Benjamin’s Seafood buffet for lots of crab legs and good seafood, the Conch Cafe for lunch on the beach, and lots of beach and pool time everyday!  It was wonderful having
Ben with us the whole time this year!  He is such a great dad and uncle, and really enjoys playing with kids.  I’m so thankful for his energy! 

We are so thankful for our time with family before heading to Mexico.  What a blessing these two weeks were!  Thanks, Mom and Dad for making it possible for us to be with you and to enjoy this vacation time together!  We love you so much! 

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