Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Happenings!

Hailey went to her first soccer camp!! She loved it! She looked so big in her little shinguards, with her water bottle in hand. It as fun to see her enjoy camp so much, and she wants to go back while she is "still 4!" Hailey continues to be a great big sister! She organizes all the games and play--even when the others don't want it and she loves to make sure everyone is playing together!

Lydia wants to do everything that Hailey does. "Like Hailey" is a repeated phrase for her throughout the day--whether it's in regards to getting to do something, eat something, wear something or go somewhere! She also LOVES her brother! They really play well together, which is fun to watch! They run and laugh and play and wrestle each other! It's really fun to watch--and especially now that Bradyn can tackle her back!

Bradyn has moved into a toddler bed!!! However, I think he might sleep on the floor almost as much as in the bed, but he doesn't seem to mind--as long as he doesn't get stuck under the bed!! He seems so big to us these days! He is talking so much more--and he is a LOUD talker!! In the car, he talks constantly to someone--or to himself if no one is listening! He continues to love any and every kind of ball! "Stand up" and "Ready" are his two phrases all day long, as he wants you to kick the ball with him! If only he could get his sisters to understand how simple his game is--just kick it back to me! Don't make rules, don't talk, don't organize it--just kick it back to me!!!

They are great kids--we are truly blessed! We are excited to add #4 soon! WOW!!

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