Monday, July 13, 2009

Myrtle Beach '09

Well, I can't believe it's been a month since we were at the beach!! Once again my family gathered in Garden City, just south of Myrtle Beach, for about 2 weeks of fun on the beach! It was a fun and wild time--15 people in a 3 bedroom condo, 7 of which were under the age of 8!! Loud, crazy, energy-draining, but lots of fun!! We spent every day--at least a part of every day--on the beach! The kids loved it!

Hailey learned how to boogie board and body surf a little bit this year! She loved being in the water and really did a great job! She also enjoyed the pool everyday and is getting so much more comfortable in the water and even swimming a little on her own. Her highlight, though, was just being with her cousins and playing with them all day long!

Lydia enjoyed the beach as well. She enjoyed getting pulled on the boards along the sand and jumping over the waves. She's not one to want to get her head real wet, though! She enjoyed making "birthday ckaes" in the sand and just hanging out! She has grown up a lot since being at the beach and she has really entered a new level of play--due mostly to watching her older sister and cousins interact and play at the beach.

Bradyn LOVED the beach! The kid loves water and sand--can anything beat the beach then? His favorite thing was to throw the sand and water on top of his head. Yes, it was a joy to clean him off each day after the beach. He also loved to carry around either a shovel or a ball--all day long. He would walk the beach with one of the two in his hand.

Ben got to join us for a few days as well! He is great at building sand castles and just playing with the kids on the beach! The whole creativity thing for building castles and such is lacking in me!! We had fun throwing a frisbee, playing some volleyball and just watching the kids together when he was there. We also got to see him play in Wilmington, which was fun!

And me, well I mostly enjoyed sitting in a chair, watching the kids play and splash, and visiting with my family! Wasn't so sure about body surfing--the potential of scraping my pregnant belly on the sand was much to great! It is always such a privilege to have this time together with my family. I love our traditions each year--most of which seem to revolve around eating some really good food! Although I am exhausted each evening and at the end, it is all so worth it!!

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