Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lydia is Potty-Trained!!

Wow, how different two kids can be!!! Hailey took about 2 years (at least it felt like!) to but into the whole potty deal, but Lydia took about 2 days!! After hearing her tell me everyday "Mommy, I go pooppy" and "Mommy I want undies" I decided to give it a try! And she has totally surprised me with how quickly she has picked it up! In fact, many times throughout the day she just goes in by herself, closes the door, and later comes to tell me she went potty! How great is that!! I'm loving it!

However, as my sister once told me, a switch is turned on when they develop this skill--and they somehow turn 2 with a vengeance!! Everything is "by myself!" and "I do it!!" A new found independence has developed in Miss Lydia!! But I am so thankful that she has grasped this skill so easily! Praise the Lord!

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Staci said...

This gives me SUCH hope for Gracie...Charlie has been a very slow process as well :)