Thursday, November 6, 2008

An afternoon walk and spilled milk!

So, it was such a beautiful afternoon yesterday and we needed some milk and eggs for dinner, so I decided to load up the kiddos in the stroller and walk to the Dollar General. It was a great walk--and the kids did great. Hailey loves walking now and can walk most of the way. She always asks, though, "Mom why do we walk? For exercise?" And I reply, "Yes, it helps us stay healthy and strong!!"

Anyways, we got the Dollar General, managed to get through the store with the double stroller and without breaking anything or pulling lots of things off the shelves! And we managed once again to compile a list of all the things Hailey would like to have for her next birthday! We got our milk and eggs and headed back home.

Well, as we were about to cross the first of 2 busy streets, everything went south! As we started to cross the street--and I needed to get across quickly--we hit a bump and the milk flew off the back of the stroller. So, there I am in the middle of the street with three kids on a stroller and a cracked milk jug spilling milk everywhere!! I'm sure I managed to give many drivers a good laugh for the rest of their drive home!!

We got across the street, tried to salvage what we could of the milk by putting the jug inside two plastic bags. I had to carry it very still the whole way home. But I didn't want to go back and I needed 2 cups--that's it!! So, we managed to get home, singing and laughing and with just enough milk to make some yummy waffles for dinner!

What a great adventure!

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Unknown said...

I'm so sorry that I totally just cracked up picturing that!!