Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oh My Craziness!!

Okay, let me just share a few of the crazy stories from the past 2 weeks at the Johnson home! I hope you are able to laugh with us!! (I'm laughing now, but wasn't always laughing at the time!!)

First of all, Hailey!! Doesn't she look like such a pretty Princess?!! She is so sweet and fun--but keeps me on my toes. So, she did a great job as the flower girl in my brother's wedding, and little did we realize just how much she was paying attention during the ceremony. A few days after getting home, she was giving Bradyn a very "prolonged" goodnight kiss. When we asked her what she was doing, she said "I want to kiss like Aunt Emily and Uncle Joe kisssed!" Wow!! We laughed so hard and then had to proceed to explain that only mommies and daddies and aunts and uncles kiss that way!!

Then there is sweet Lydia!! So, the other day I had taken Hailey into her room for a bit, and closed the door. Well, for nighttime issues, we had turned the locks around on their bedroom door. Little did I know that Lydia has gotten so much taller. I went to open the door, only to find that Lydia had locked us in the room. For about 30-45 minutes, Hailey and I were locked in the room with Lydia and Bradyn outside in the hall--waiting for Daddy to come home! When I asked Lydia to try to turn the lock back, she just kept saying "Uh-Uh" in her cute way! I think she was enjoying her success in locking me away all too much!! Needless to say, we have now stored a key in the room for future events!!

...and little Bradyn...often at the mercy of his two big sisters! In this picture the girls got to his head with a marker! And a pink on at that! He didn't seem to mind because I didn't hear a word until Hailey came and said, "Mom, look at Bradyn!" (This is a story I didn't laugh at right away, but then decided I should still take a picture!)

Third child--on the go a lot!! This was evening at dinner, and I looked over because Bradyn had gotten real quiet eating. Sure enough, he had fall asleep right in his food!

Please do pray for us! We are thankful for our children, but I have felt particularly overwhelmed lately with them. Pray for God's grace and God's patience! And for wisdom and insight as we parent them and train them up in the way of the Lord! If you think about it, here are some specific prayer requests for each of them:

Hailey: That God would really break her defiant spirit in the area of potty training; that she would develop a real thankful heart rather than an argumentative spirit.
Lydia: That she would begin to grasp the fact that she is to obey!! That we would be consistent with her in our training and discipline!
Bradyn: That he would continue to be real sweet and innocent for a long time!!!!!

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