Friday, May 23, 2008

One Bad Bath Episode!

So, it's a Friday night, Ben's gone, and I thought I should get all the kids in the bath before we head to the beach tomorrow! They love taking baths--and Bradyn can now sit in his bath seat and he loves being in there with his sisters. So, I get all the kids in there and they are playing and having a blast. Water is all over the place, though!

I go into the girls room to get their clothes out and ready, and suddenly hear Hailey say, "Mommy, come see this! Mommy, come see this!" I run back into the bathroom, and Bradyn's seat has flipped over and he is on his back. I about had a heart attack, as I grabbed him quickly from the tub. His head wasn't under, but he was unable to get himself back up. It freaked me out! I'm so thankful he was okay--in fact it wasn't long before I got a big grin from him. But my heart was still racing!

So, I get him dried off and a diaper on him, and Lydia starts standing up and saying "pooppy!" I quickly cleaned her up so I could get her out of the bath before she made a mess in the tub. But, as I was turning on the water to rinse her, Hailey started screaming! And sure enough, Lydia was pooping all over the bath tub! Gross!!! So I grab Hailey out--covered in soapy water and screaming! I quickly rinse off Lydia and get her out! And at that point, I'm ready to turn in for the night!

Lots of fun memories at the Johnson home!! All part of the kid chaos, as I like to call it!

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