Friday, May 23, 2008

Never say Never!

So, about a month ago Ben asked me if I would ever run a full marathon. (This was just after Betty and I finished a half marathon in Charlotte!) I quickly responded "no way!" I enjoyed training for and running the half marathon, but I was content with the 13 mile distance! I wasn't sure the idea of doubling that sounded like any fun!

Well, my good friend Betty informed me that the Chicago half marathon we wanted to run is in August, and the October date we were looking at is only a full marathon! So, she convinced me that it would be so fun to train together for a full marathon! What have I been talked into?!!

After totally shocking Ben with the idea and then giving it some more thought, I really started to get excited about the challenge of it! I've also really been encouraged and blessed by my time running with Betty. So, we started to pursue the idea more!

Long story short, we are running in the Chicago Marathon on Oct. 12th! And better yet, we get to run with a team from World Vision! As part of the team, we are asked to raise $900 towards World Vision, a minstry that provides water, nutrition, health care and education to very poor areas of the world. I am so excited to be able to come alongside another ministry that is practically meeting needs for people in areas of the world that I've had the privilege to go to with the Eagles.

I need help to reach this goal, so if you'd like to join me in this, check out my World Vision page at:

The other exciting part about this is that I really feel led to memorize a book of the Bible while I'm training! So, we are going to work on memorizing Philippians! So, hold me accountable! I really am praying that God would challenge me physically, but even more spiritually as we train for this race! I'm excited to share with you what he teaches me!

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