Friday, May 9, 2008

I’ve been tagged! I’m it! My friend Betty has tagged me to list the Top Ten Things I Love About My Husband. How fun!
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2) List the top ten things you love about your husband.
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Ten Things I Love about my Husband!

1. He is a humble servant! He is always looking for ways to serve me and others!

2. He is the Best Daddy to his three kids! They can't wait for Daddy to come home and play with them! He laughs with them, but also takes discipline seriously and desires to rasie them up in the "way of the Lord!"

3. He makes me laugh--he has a great sense of humor and loves to just have fun!

4. He is so loyal!! He is a man of his word, and man of committment! I especially have appreciated his loyalty to the church!

5. He loves me--and even when I make it hard! He is so patient and gracious and forgiving!

6. He loves the Lord and truly desires to serve Him in all he does! He desires to use his talents in soccer to bring glory to the Lord!

7. He is such an amazing athlete--I love that he is so gifted in sports!

8. He gives great back rubs!

9. He is great with kids--not just our kids, but any kids! I love watching how kids love Ben--he loves to be silly and play, but he also teaches kids respect in the midst of the play!

10. He is willing to "try anything once!" This is his own quote, but I love his adventurous spirit!

OK--so Christine Faro,
Jamie Allen and
Sarah Gehman --You are IT! (I know, it's only 3, but I may still tag another later!)