Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Fun Family Weekend!

We had a great weekend together as a family! It started on Friday night with Ben's game against Richmond. This was the first game of the season at the new home field--Charlotte Christian, and it was a great atmosphere! The kids did great, and seemed to enjoy the night. The Eagles played awesome and won 3-0!! It was a great game--the team is looking real strong and very talented this season. Ben played great--he is fun to watch!!

The girls cheering for Daddy!!

Lots of little "Big" Fans!

In case you are wondering what Bradyn's shirt says, it's a great Target find!!! And it says "I Get My Muscles from my Dad!
Hailey didn't want to get too close to Daddy--he was sweaty, and she doesn't like to get sweaty!!

Today we went to Carowinds Amusement Park for the first time with the girls! We met the Swineharts there and had a great time! The girls did great, and loved it! Lydia pooped out early--it was warm and she was tired, but it was a lot of fun!

Hailey rode on this ride all by herself, and she did great! You wouldn't know she was having fun because she didn't smile much--very intense, but at the end she said it was lots of fun!
Lydia, on the other hand, smiled throughout this whole ride (even though she's looking serious in this picture)!! She was loving it, and it was so cute to see them riding together! Lydia has no fear!!

Riding in the boats!!

Lunch break!! Peanut Butter and Honey all around!!

We ended the fun day by walking down the street to get pizza and then taking baths! It was such a great day!

Other fun exciting news:
The Eagles are off to a 2-0 start on the season. They whooped up on Bermuda last week, beating them 6-0! The team is looking great!
The Charlotte Christian girls team has 3 games left. They had a big win over Providence Day last week--Ben was really pleased with how the girls played and they were all excited to get a conference win!
Have a great week!

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