Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thanks for your Prayers!

Bradyn's had an eventful first 6 weeks of life--including a trip to the hospital, lots of tests, RSV (a respiratory virus), his first airplane flight to Colorado, lots of Christmas activity, sleeping all over the place, and much more! But he is doing great, and seems to be very healthy at this point. It's amazing he is already 8 weeks old--where does the time go?! He is smiling a lot now, and making lots of fun noises! He is deeply loved by his sisters, too! He's working on getting big quickly so he can hold his own against them!

Hailey and Lydia came to visit us at the hospital. They have both battled sickness this winter as well. We are thankful that God has sustained us, and that overall He has blessed us with good health. Thanks for all your prayers for us during this time!

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