Sunday, September 4, 2011

Going to the Moon!

This past week we studied about the moon, so today the kids wanted to make space helmets.  With the creative help of Dad (he's much better at these types of things than I am!), they each made a space helmet.  While we were sitting there,
Brady, in all serious, said: "Mom, we have to go over to Juliana's house today."
Me:  "Why, Buddy?"
Brady:  "Because we need to pick Juliana up.  She said she wants to go to the moon with us.  So we have to go get her and we can then go quickly to the moon with her."
Me:  "Does Juliana have a spaceship at her house?"
Brady:  "I don't know, but she wants to go to the moon with us."

Well for the rest of the morning they played "going to the moon"--the tire swing was the spaceship, then they played soccer on the moon and much more.  So Fun!!

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