Monday, July 25, 2011


Hailey graduated from the "kinder" here on July 2nd!  It was quite the celebration!  Here in Ometepec, kids go to three years of "kindergarten," starting at 3 years of age.  The culmination is a formal clausura, or graduation, which includes formal dress, dancing, speaking, and the presentation of certificates.  Another custom here is to have padrinos for your clausura.  People have padrinos for many different events, including birth, baptism, wedding, 15th birthday for a girl (for which she may have several padrinos), confirmation in the church.  So, Hailey asked our friends Pily & Gerrardo to be her padrinos.  They accompanied us to the ceremony and presented Hailey with flowers and a gift, and then shared a meal with us afterwards.   Hailey was so excited--mostly about getting to wear such a beautiful dress and dance with her class! Here are just a few pictures from the day!

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