Thursday, April 14, 2011

CiCi's WaterPark!

Yesterday I went with a bus full of kindergarten kids and moms to Acapulco for the day.  Hailey's school has started taking the third-year kindergarten classes to a waterpark in Acapulco.  We left at the crazy early hour of 4:30 am (seriously, no 5 year-old or 33 year-old wants to get up at this hour!) and we arrived in Acapulco around 9:00.  I was kicking myself all day for not taking a camera with me, but I was very unsure of where I would be able to store it or keep it while swimming.  So...unfortunately I don't have any pics of the day, but just great memories.  We ate breakfast at a restaurant by the cliffs, and got to watch the cliff divers dive while we were there.  They had a special show set up just for us!  I must say, it was impressive!!  Hailey assured me over and over again that she had NO interest in doing that, though!
After breakfast we headed to the waterpark.  It was fun to watch Hailey goof around and laugh with her friends!  She LOVES swimming, and was having a blast being there with her buddies from school.  We swam for a while, went down a couple water slides, and then saw a dolphin show.  (When she was describing the show to her dad, she said..."The dolphins jumped so high throw a hool-a-hoop, Dad.  I don't think even I could jump that high!")!!!  After plenty of sun, we headed to a local mall to eat and shop a bit.  We shared a plate of Chinese food, a welcomed change from Mexican, and topped it off with some ice cream!  By 5:30 we were back on the bus headed home, and within 5 minutes my sweet girl was crashed out!
Hailey, I loved spending the day with you!  I am so thankful for you, and for the way God has made you.  I am so proud of you--you are a brave young girl!  You have surpassed me in your Spanish already, and I'm amazed by your confidence.  I thank the Lord for the privilege of being your mom!

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