Friday, October 8, 2010

Everywhere we go it feels like the circus just came into town--but WE are the CIRCUS!  and EVERYONE is watching us!  Well, today was no different--just even better!  We went to a dance and festival type thing.  All of the dancers were wearing masks of different animals.  Lydia and Brady aren't real fond of masks to begin with.  But then two people came running in totally dressed up and wearing masks, and the man was carrying a gun.  They danced in the middle with the kids for a while and then started making their way around the outside where we were watching.  And of course, who would they choose to come to--the only WHITE people in the bunch!!  Well, let's just say that we made quite a scene for everyone!  All of our kids starting screaming when they saw the man with the gun coming towards us--they were TERRIFIED!!  The man felt bad and once he realized the fear he caused quickly went away, but we still had four screaming children and couldn't get out of the fast enough!!!!!  The problem is--EVERY fiesta and dance and cultural tradition here seems to involve masks!  Our children are going to be scared for life!!!!

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