Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Does anyone sleep around here?

So, we are finding out more and more how many traditions and festivals are here in Ometepec.  There is a new fiesta every week it seems!  Traditions and culture are huge here!!  And a big part of their traditions and celebrations is dancing, music and fireworks. 

So this past week, and for 9 days straight, there is a group that dances and marches through town twice a day!!  The first dance is at 5 AM—yes, that is 5 IN THE MORNING!!!  Are you kidding me???  Let’s just say it is not the wake up call I would like to have!  They not only dance and play loud music, but they follow the dancing parade with fireworks.  And they just so happen to walk right past our windows!!!  Earplugs help some, but not enough!!!  So, for the past week, minus our one night in Acapulco, we have had one or two of our kids with us in bed at 5 am!!  Isn’t it great????!!!! 

Another part of the dance is a Tiger.  A person dresses up like a tiger—there is a whole story behind it which is pretty cool actually.  But the Tiger runs through the streets with the parade.  The second dance is at 5 in the afternoon each day.  So, I took the kids to go watch because Fatima our neighbor is part of the dance.  My great idea and venture quickly turned to chaos.  As soon as the Tiger made an appearance, I had two kids screaming and clinging to me, not including Chayce in my arms already!!  Lydia and Brady we so scared of the tiger, and the fireworks were just the icing on top!!  Add the massive crowd surrounding us, and it simply became a hilarious sight.  It was great!!!  Needless to say, I didn’t attempt that again without Ben present!! 

But I do have to ask myself which is worse:  these early morning wake-up calls with music and fireworks, or the nightly dog fights that place right outside my window???  The jury is still out!!!

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