Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Chayce!


So, on Tuesday our youngest, Chayce, turned 1!!!  It’s so hard to believe that he is already one year old—the year has gone by so fast!  We had our first Mexican Fiesta to celebrate.  We had set the time for 4:00 and in usual Mexican fashion, guests started arriving at 5:00!  Gotta love it!  We played a few games—musical chairs and balloon stomp!  The three American kids involved in balloon stomp were screaming and crying—they were terrified by the popping of so many balloons.  It was hilarious!  Then we had tamales, made by our dear friend Pati and her family—very yummy!!  Then we had the traditional pinata, followed by “pastel”—aka cake!  It was a good time!  We had Fatima leading us the whole way through—helping us know how typical fiestas go!  Chayce loved his cake!  Enjoy a few pics from the day!


DSC_0199DSC_0169  DSC_0172 DSC_0171DSC_0183 DSC_0192   DSC_0195

Chayce, we sure love you!  WE love your sweet, happy personality.  You have such a great smile, and you are so easy going!  You have been such a trooper this year—with all the changes and travelling and crazy life!  We thank God for you always!!  Happy 1st Birthday!

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