Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ometepec, MEXICO

A view of Ometepec! Mexico is beautiful!
Acapulco Bay--it was breathtakingl!!
Well, we just got back from 6 days in Ometepec, Mexico! Ben and I went to set some things up and check out where we will be moving come July!! It was definitely the beginning of an adventure--that will be both hard and exciting! We stayed with Tim and Barb Wood and enjoyed getting to know them. Tim pastors a church there and so we got to enjoy worshipping with them on Sunday as well. Ben met some of the coaches in the Maranatha Soccer Club that he will be working with, as well as was able to see 2 of the teams play while we were there. Chico, Segundo and Carlos are the three coaches he will begin working with to develop the soccer ministry even more. I had some helpful and good conversations with Barb about the area, the culture, schools and many other topics! A big part of the trip was seeing the house they have for us and deciding what work needs to be done before we arrive. It is a very traditional Mexican style home--which will be fun--but it needs a good clean-up!! Right now the church is using part of the outside area for a "coffee house" for the youth on Wednesday-Saturday evenings. They call it the "Huerto". This will continue while we are there, which will be a great ministry opportunity for us!
All in all, it was a good trip. Chayce was an absolute CHAMP!! He did remarkable considering he felt sick most of the time! We left feeling encouraged and excited, but also nervous and scared as the reality of it all sinks in!! Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!
The Jr. High School associated with the church.
A local field that Maranatha Soccer Club uses.

Our home in Ometepec! Very open--with a courtyard in the middle!
Living area and kitchen open to the courtyard.

The "huerto" or coffee house for the youth will be right in our backyard!
The Church Tim pastors.

Our little Champ! Everyone loved Chayce!!

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