Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Jesus wasn't killed, mom!"

The other night we were driving and Hailey asked if Jerusalem was where Mary went. So that started a whole theological conversation with our 4 year old! It was awesome!

Hailey: "Where did Jesus die on the cross?"
Me: "Well, it was on a hill outside of Jerusalem."
Hailey: "Why did he put his cross on a hill?"
Me: "That was were the people who were killing him took him."
Hailey: "Jesus wasn't killed, Mom."
Me: "Yes, Hailey, he was..."
Hailey quickly interjected: "No, he died on the cross because he knew that was what he had to do." WOW!!!

Hailey: "Was Satan there watching Jesus die?"
Me: "Well Satan did know that Jesus was dying on the cross and he thought he had won! But Satan did not know that Jesus would rise from the dead. When Jesus rose from the dead, he won! (She has asked before what it means that Jesus "conquered the grave" so we talked about this again!)
Hailey: "What was Satan's face like when Jesus rose from the dead?"
Me: "I have no idea, but I'm sure it wasn't pretty!" (Not sure about the theological soundness of this answer!!)
Hailey: "Was he angry and mad?"
Me: "Yes--because he was defeated!!"

I am reminded often through conversations like this of the simplicity of the Gospel. I love seeing Hailey's child-like faith! She asks great questions that often make me really think! And yet she doesn't need all the answers spelled out for her to believe. I want a faith more like that--willing to believe and trust even when it doesn't all make sense.

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