Friday, October 16, 2009


Where to start! I'm so far behind in updating this blog, that I don't know where to start! Well, since Chayce was born, lots has happened...Ben finished his final season with the Eagles, we went apple picking, Grampy and Grammy came to visit, Hailey started preschool and soccer, we went to the zoo with 4 moms and 10 kids, Lydia and Bradyn have really developed a "love-hate" relationship, taking turns biting and tackling each other, Chayce is sleeping like a champ, and I'm still changing two sets of diapers, tying 3 pairs of shoes, wiping lots of noses, buying and returning lots of clothes from Target (mostly not for me!!) and loving nap time!!!!

LOTS of SIBLING LOVE!!! It's so fun to see their friendships grow!
Chayce gets lots of hugs and kisses!

Bath Time!!! Aren't they cute! I have to remind myself that the day WILL come when they can all shower by themselves--but I want to enjoy these times when they laugh and play in the water and then run around "and be silly" (as Lydia says) in their towels!!

Grampy and Grammy came to visit and surprised Ben for his retirement party. It was a great visit with them!

Apple Picking! We had a great day apple picking up near Hendersonville. The kids loved eating the apples right off the trees! We came home and made some yummy applesauce and apple crisp! And on the way home, we all wore our favorite sports logo to Chick-fil-A and ate for $3 total!! Gotta love that!

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