Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kid Favorites!

Here are just a few fun facts about our kids and what they enjoy right now!! They are full of life--that is for sure!

Favorite Songs:
Hailey: "Sing Sing Sing" by Chris Tomlin, really loud in the car!
Lydia: "Conquered the Grave", aka "Mighty to Save"
Bradyn: "So Big!", aka "My God is So Big"

Favorite Daily Activities:
Hailey: Using scissors and glue--cutting up any paper in small pieces!! Playing volleyball! Pushing Lydia or Bradyn around in the stroller outside! Pretend play with Lydia--going on dates, going shopping, going to church--and always with her purse in hand! Getting dressed up!

Lydia: Chasing after a ball and laughing with Bradyn! Pretend play with Hailey--often being the "daughter" or the "patient"! Just doing whatever her big sister is doing! Eating breakfast--there's no chicken or green veggies in it!!! Sitting on the counter and helping mom in the kitchen!

Bradyn: Kicking a ball--all day long!! Throwing a ball! Making fun noises--guns, cars... Creating "guns" or "swords" out of any toy! Playing in water--pool, sprinklers, bath...just being wet!!

Favorite Books:
"Pinkalicious", "Make Way for Ducklings", "Hunches and Bunches", "Dear Zoo", "Angelina Ballerina"

Favorite Foods:
Hailey: Anything, really, that we put in front of her! She is a great eater! And she is always ready for a treat--especially chocolate or candy!

Lydia: Peanut butter and honey (on bread, not on tortillas!), pretzels, "big" apples, pizza, and any kind of breakfast food!! She is not our greatest eater--she'll chew on food forever!! Maybe that's why she loves gum so much--she can chew it forever and not swallow it!

Bradyn: Until recently--ANYTHING!! Now, he is starting to say "I no want it" to certain veggies and random things! But he loves fruit! Overall he will eat whatever you put in front of him!

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