Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A night with the Swineharts

A few weekends ago we had the privilege of having our friends--Tyler, Bryce, Dylan and Ava Swinehart--stay with us for night! We had a blast! 7 kids 6 and under!! It was a houseful of fun and crazy activity, but we all enjoyed it! The big kids played lots of sequence and lots of soccer!

Ava, Bradyn and Lydia were definitely "three" peas in a pod!!! They were so fun to watch together--each trying to rule and protect their own territory much of the time, but still absolutely adoring each other!!

Bryce spent much of the afternoon entertaining our dogs--they were delighted to have company because they actually got some quality attention!!!

Hailey adores the Swinehart boys! They are so sweet with her and she just laughed and laughed the whole time they were here!

Then we went on an adventure...Yes, we are sometimes crazy! We loaded up the little ones in strollers and walked about a mile down the road to Bruster's Ice Cream! The big kids ran and laughed and sang songs until they were exhausted! But we made it there finally--very hot and sweaty and ready for ice cream!

We love the FREE kiddie cones at Bruster's!!!

Everyone say, "We love ice cream!!"

The walk back!!! Well, the kids sang songs all the way home--very loudly--but it was such a sweet sound! They were troopers for sure!

Then they crashed out!! Bedtime everyone!!
The next morning, after a great night's sleep for all, we had breakfast and played outside! We walked to our little neighborhood park and played there for a bit. Just the other day, an older woman who walks by our house often stopped and was saying that she saw a woman with 7 kids at the park last Friday--all by herself! I informed her that was probably me with our friends, and she couldn't believe it!! We had a great time with our friends, and were all ready for afternoon naps at 1!!

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