Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quotes to be shared and remembered!

Here are some of the latest quotes--and my favorites!!

Manners and the like...

Hailey, after walking into the office to see her Daddy, and letting out a little toot: "Was that you or me, Daddy?"

Lydia is "Miss Manners!" After she lets out a toot, she almost always smiles and says, "oops, scuse me!"

And she rarely forgets to say, "Hank You!" (aka Thank you!)

Questions about God:

Hailey: "Mom, will Joshua and Jordan (Deuink) go to Heaven with me?"
Me: "Yes, Hailey, because they are trusting Jesus."
Hailey: "Why can't we go right now to Heaven?"
Me: "Well, God wants us here right now to tell other people about Jesus." (not sure about the answer myself if I'm honest!!)
Hailey: "Like Tarasai (our little World Vision girl)? Did we pray she would learn about Jesus?"
Me: "Yes, we do pray that someone will help her learn that Jesus loves her."
Hailey: "Does everyone go to Heaven, Mommy?"
Me: "Not everyone, Hailey. Only those who trust in Jesus and and have Him in their hearts."
Hailey: "That's not nice!"

I love how their minds think!! It is so challenging for me!!

One last fun quote--from a brilliant little mind!!

Hailey: "Mommy, can I get a guitar...for my next birthday, I mean?"
Me: "Maybe." (I see the wheels start to turn in her head!!!)
Hailey: "Or maybe, could Lydia get a guitar for her birthday?"

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westtalk said...

Love keeping up with you Katie from the other side of the world! What a beautiful family and precious, fun times! lw