Saturday, August 2, 2008

Adventures at the Pool

We love the pool! At least once or twice a week we go to a pool--most often the YMCA pool. Hailey has become quite the little swimmer this summer! She is starting to swim all by herself--and she is so excited about it. It's fun to see her getting more and more confidant in the water. Unfortunately, that confidence and excitement led to an accident this past week. While trying to show a friend how she swims under water, she swam straight into the step and gashed her chin. It was a short-lived pool experience as she was bleeding everywhere and we had to head to the urgent care. They didn't do stitches--just glued it up!

Bradyn nd Lydia also love the pool. Lydia is doing a great job swimming by herself with her water wings or life jacket on. She especially likes going down water slides, though!

And watch out for Bradyn--he is so fast when he is on his belly. And he heads straight for the deeper waters! He loves to splash and play--his face just lights up in the water!

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