Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The First of Many Updates!

Well, this is our official first "blog" posting! So many of our dear friends and family live so far away, so we wanted to try to do a better job of giving you snapshots of life around the Johnson home, and life with the Charlotte Eagles as well. We hope you will enjoy seeing pictures of the kids, reading funny stories, hearing recent praises and prayer requests, and much more!

So, what's new these days? Well, the countdown is on for the arrival of little Bradyn Benjamin. He is due to arrive November 15th, but Lydia isn't sure she wants to share her birthday, so we'll see when he comes! After the past two nights of fitful sleep, mom is thinking an early arrival might not be so bad! Bradyn has been active as can be the last couple of weeks in the womb, but we all know that it is nothing compared to the chaos that will break out when he arrives! We are excited to meet this new addition to our family! Please pray for a healthy and safe delivery (and for some measure of sleep while we wait!)

Hailey is practicing getting in her new carseat by herself, so that mom doesn't have to climb into the back of the suburban every time to buckle her! She's so excited to sit in the back! (Will I really go anywhere with three kids for awhile?!) Hailey is full of life these days--and she is such a sponge! She talks non-stop--even if no one other than "baby" is listening! She loves to sing songs--the other day she was singing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"--which I have no idea where she learned! She loves to pray before every mean--"I want to pray this time!" (as if it's the first time she's wanted to pray!) but it is so cute to hear her give thanks to God for so many different things each day! Bags, Bags, and more bags! We have so many bags in the play room, and she loves to fill them with different things and go to the "office", or to a "meeting", or "on a trip", or to "Bible study", or wherever. Everything goes in a bag, though! She is also learning how to put clothes on her babies--sometimes the shirts get used as shorts, but it's all good! She is so good with her babies, and is a great little mommy to them! She really is a big helper to Mom! She loves to do little favors--throwing diapers away, getting things for me, throwing something in the trash, or whatever! I'm so thankful for her!

Lydia is our bundle of joy! She loves to laugh, and has such a contagious laugh! She loves being tickled, and she loves giving kisses! Watch out, though--it's usually pretty wet! She has started saying "Kak-Kak" for ducks--although now she holds up any farm animal and says it! She also loves to pretend to be on the phone and say "HIIIIII!" really loud--except the phone is usually around the backside of her head! She is so proud of herself when she walks as she pushes something--like a chair across the wood floors or her little walker toy upstairs. We're hoping she starts to get real excited about walking soon! She is a little jokester at times--much like her Daddy! She likes to pretend to give you something, or lunge toward you, and then do her "just kidding" look and stop! It's so cute! She keeps us laughing!

Ben is busy with coaching and work! His Charlotte Christian boys came over last week for a cookout, and that was a lot of fun. Hailey really enjoyed having Daddy's team over, and getting to eat on the patio with them. They have three games left before knowing if they'll qualify for the state tournament. They have a chance to still make playoffs, but they need a couple of wins in these next few games! MAI had their annual fall leadership and staff meetings two weeks ago. One major project Ben helped with was putting together twelve specific sports ministry training sessions to be used overseas, or with organizations we come in contact with. Ben felt like this was a good thing, and something that needed to be done for a while. Three guys headed to Ethiopia right after the meetings and were taking these 12 sessions with them.

I (Katie)--yeah, believe it or not I do most of the writing around here, but I enjoy it!--have been busy with the girls and getting the home settled. We are so thankful for our new home, and really are enjoying the space! The girls and I live in the playroom most days--it's brightly colored, which makes it fun! I am getting out one morning a week for some mom time, which has been great! I'm also leading a Bible study on Sunday nights, going through 5 Aspects of a Woman. I've been really encouraged and challenged going through this study a second time, and now being a mother. It's been a good time of fellowship with Kristen, Tiffany and Christine. (Ben doesn't mind that it's on Sunday nights because he doesn't even have to wonder whether it's okay to watch more football then!) I am headed on a women's retreat this weekend with our church. It will be the first time away from the girls without Ben--just with other women! I'm excited for it! And I know Ben will enjoy the weekend with his girls!

Well, that's about it for Johnson news for today! I'm going to try to update our blog every couple of weeks--so check it out! We love you all, and thank God for you in our lives! Have a blessed week!

The Johnson Crew

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